Nicholas Perrone

Newlyweds Anni Hindocha and Shrien Dewani are a beautiful couple, and it seems like they’re crazy about each other. But less than a week after the couple’s departure to Cape Town for their honeymoon, Anni’s father also jumped on a flight to South Africa — not to enjoy the sights — but to collect his daughter’s decaying body.

Produced, Animated, and Edited by Nicholas Perrone

When children start disappearing in the village of Nithari in Noida, local parents have to band together to force police to look for their children. When police finally listen and take action, they find a suspicious coincidence; all the missing kids were last seen in the same 100-meter area. From class struggles to police corruption, the Nithari case is one of India's most notorious, gruesome, and sinister true crime investigations.

Produced, Animated, and Edited by Nicholas Perrone

Two girls maneuver through the Boy Scouts of America’s new decision that allows them to join, while the Girls Scouts of the USA and some Boy Scout adult leaders push back.

This is only an except of a 35 minute short documentary.

Directed, Produced, Edited, & Shot by Nicholas Perrone

In the back of every theater and in every booth is a projectionist. An occupation being wiped out by automation. For 12 years Raymond has been one of those projectionists at one of New York City's premiere independent theaters "The Film Forum".

Produced, filmed, and edited by Nicholas Perrone.

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