The Kings Theater Restoration

While interning at The New York Observer I got the chance to take a hard hat tour of the Kings Theater in Brooklyn. It was still being meticulously renovated at the time and I was a bit nervous about shooting it since it was going to be one of my first real assignments. It was an absolutely gorgeous building and ended up being one of the coolest assignments that I had while working for the paper.

Rutgers University New Student Move-in

It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Piscataway. The sun shone bright, the sky was a crisp blue, and it was a perfect day for picture taking. I could smell the faint scent of gas from what seemed like miles of stationary cars filled to the brim with dorm supplies from the Rutgers class of 2019. I could feel the tension from the nervous students, and the even more nervous parents as they shuffled out of their cars and began unloading their ungodly amount of school supplies onto the pavement. It was truly a Déjà vu moment, here I was at the beginning of my senior year, covering new Rutgers students moving into my Freshmen year dorm building. It made me think about where I started and how far I’ve come. Although no one can ever be one hundred percent certain of who they truly are, this odd intersection of past and present really struck me. It was not too long ago when I began my college journey, but I’d be lying if I said I was the same exact person I was when I entered.

Seeing these new students’ fresh faces ignited a new enthusiasm within me. If made me relive the days of not stressing about jobs and graduation and my peers. Although I don’t really see myself as a stressed out person, this assignment helped to keep my head straight and on the right path. The camera helped to shield my future anxieties, while also providing a portal to my recent path. The camera is a truly beautiful object.

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