Monster Mash

On Friday October 30th I went to Monster Mash - a safe Halloween event where Rutgers Student Organizations hosted tables with fun/educational activities and gave out candy to kids from the New Brunswick community. The event acted as an alternative to trick or treating and gave kids exposure to Rutgers while providing outreach to the community. 

My photos were also featured in a gallery on the Home News Tribune’s website.

RU Muddy

Mud runs, like color runs, are always one of those cliché type of assignments, but they are always so fun to shoot. The excitement is palpable at these kind of events and you never see anyone who isn’t happy to get all dirty.

Of course it’s not a true mud run unless you and your camera get sprayed with an excessive amount of mud.

Rutgers Homecoming Bonfire

Rutgers homecoming is one of my favorite times during the year. Non-stop events, with so many interesting opportunities to take pictures. The bonfire is most definitely one of those events. The first time I went to one it was almost like a scene out of the movie Grease. Coach Flood was initiating a chant with the entire crowd, saying that we were gonna “chop” the opposing team. It was a great time and made for some great pictures. At the previous year’s bonfire, some of my photos ended up being featured on ESPN for a quick second which was totally awesome.

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